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    Gulet Rental

    Gulet Rental:

    For those who like classic boats, the ceremony of navigating with sail and aboard a relic. These vessels usually have two or more masts, which provide them a stately and majestic character. The same goes for their huge sails, one of its most attractive features. With the presence of exposed wood in the hull and deck, gulets also retain the classical style in their interior design. A luxury within your grasp!

    Find the gulet you look for in Charter en Ibiza

    What better than a gulet to tour the Balearic Islands or take a cruise in the Mediterranean. We have already noted the potential of the classic look of these boats. No doubt they are the best choice if you are looking to experience firsthand the feelings of a true sailor. Our Goleta 24 is the one that best meets this requirement for elegance. It is suitable for the most discerning palates. For 8 passengers we have the Why Not 1 and for 50 passengers the Pacha 67 Sail Boat, also ideal for celebrations. You can ask for fishing or diving equipment, and of course all the features of other yachts or sailboats.

    If you have already enjoyed the experience of the gulets, dare to repeat. If it is your first time, you can try a real adventure. Become a seaman during your holidays! Why not making a short cruise on a different boat? Visit our section of gulet rental. It will surprise you.

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