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    Aquatic Toys Rental

    Aquatic Toys Rental

    Charter en Ibiza specializes in boat rental. We have a wide range of boats for our customers. So we do our best to meet the needs of our users. Aquatic toys are perfect to be included in the chosen boat pack. Add one or more of these extras to your booking to not miss anything and make your holidays even more fun!

    Water Accessories Available

    We have a wide range of accessories available. We offer the latest and hottest trends in aquatic leisure. Have you tried the Flyboard? Meet this toy of entertainment and fun on the water. If you love scuba diving, we recommend one of our two models of Sea Bob available. With these propelling engines your underwater experience will be complete. If you prefer snorkeling, a suitable propulsion engine is offered by the Bladefish. An economical and practical option.

    Charter en Ibiza also cares about those customers who enjoy the aquatic leisure gliding over the water. They can choose between surfboards with Motor, Waterski or Wakeboard, which is a combination of water skiing and surfing with motor. Of course you have the possibility to rent some traditional water toys like Banana, to get the most out of family entertainment. Finally, you could not miss the Donut, that individual float everyone has ever had.

    On our website you will find information on these accessories. Some of them are new sports modalities and we understand that you can have questions to make. Contact us ASAP for more details!

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