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Features of our promotional boats

In Charterenibiza we offer you a wide variety of boats for rent. If you are in Ibiza or your intention is to come to spend a holiday, we offer you our list of boats for rent on offer in Ibiza, which meets all the conditions and comforts to enjoy a magical journey on the island.

Below we share with you some of the features you can find in our boats for rent on offer in Ibiza.

Exclusive design

The entire list offers tasteful design features, making the most of the comfort and utility of all parts of the boat.

Sunbathing areas

If you would like to enjoy the sun and the breeze of the Mediterranean Sea, all our boats have solarium or exclusive areas for sunbathing.

Complete equipment

We form a team that cares about the experience of our customers, this is transmitted in a great care of our boats and equipment that will allow you to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Excellent value for money

There is no doubt that our section of boats for rent on offer in Ibiza offers some really attractive options for the price that is set. You have a wide range of options to your liking, take a look at our options.

Types of boats we can have in Ibiza

Motor Boats

This type of boat is characterised by its comfort and is normally propelled by a propeller engine. Its capacity is between 8 and 10 people per boat, besides being fast in its displacement, it is also a perfect size for friends and family to accompany you.


This type of boat has a large space that can be used for meetings or celebrations. It has a large capacity to accommodate people and its stability when sailing is very comfortable for people who normally get seasick.


If you are passionate about comfort and exclusivity, the best option is to rent a yacht. Its complete equipment, design and distribution of the spaces of the boat, are made for your enjoyment in the Balearic Sea.


Sailing yachts are suitable for people with traditional tastes and tasteful finishes. If you like adventure and sailing to the rhythm of the wind, a sailing boat is the best experience in the sea of Ibiza.

Do I need a licence to rent our promotional boats?

Currently you need a licence to drive one of our boats on offer, but don’t worry, we also have the option of going with a skipper who will only take care of establishing a safe environment for your trip.

Our professional skippers have a license to steer pleasure boats up to 15 meters in length and with the condition of being able to sail up to 12 miles away from the coast and between islands such as Formentera.

Charterenibiza your charter company in Ibiza

We have been working for a long time to please experiences and to offer you the best boat charter offers in Ibiza. For now, this is our catalogue of boat promotions, stay tuned for possible updates.

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